Kindness. Sounds simple, right? But how is something so simple so rare in our world? Why is it that individuals easily attack others without even knowing them? Kindness is a value extremely important to me, and That's So Gold was inspired by that. I created this blog to spread kindness, one post at a time. And from now on, I'll incorporate more ways in doing so! The name "That's So Gold" came from (honestly) my love for gold.. it's almost annoying, whoops. Gold, though, stands for kind; because kindness IS gold. Kindness is straight golden and we should all live everyday like it is. Today, our world is so full of hate. Here's why we should end the hate talk, and begin to love ourselves and others. 

Believe in yourself. Believe that you are kind and treat others with that love and kindness. Start by loving yourself, and you'll radiate that positive energy! Start your day with the mentality that you will NOT ruin someone's happiness. Make it a goal to compliment at least ONE person a day (do it more if you remember!)! This is an amazing start. Seeing a person's face light up is one of the best feelings. They could be having the worst day/week and your one small compliment can light up there day; simple as that. Be sure it's genuine though.. Don't go telling everyone you love their shoes if you really don't.. But, be the kindness you wish you saw more of!

I believe that we can, in fact, all be happier. There is hope for better days. Not only is it amazing to see someone else's day light up, it also makes you a better person. By giving people compliments, it rewards you as well. It makes you feel like a nice human being, and if you stick to it long enough, you will become that kind hearted person. There's nothing wrong with being kind, you don't have to be tough and guarded. Let your guard down and meet someone new. You never know, giving that one person that compliment can spark a new friendship! It's easy to get caught up in who has the best this or that.. Life is basically a competition. I was caught up in it for a bit. Slow down! You do not need those things to be happy! Quit competing and be you!

I know know if I love this quote so much because it is fun to say, or because I love confetti. Either way, it's so true! Ever notice how confetti gets everywhere? I mean EVERYWHERE! It's almost impossible to clean it up. That's how we should be! Kind life, happy life. Duh! Haha, but really. I know mannny people that don't compliment someone because they seem "cocky" or "rude" but those people need that positivity the most! So do it, it'll make their day!


And last but not least, my FAVORITE! "Anyone can find the dirt in someone. Be the one who finds the Gold". So. Dang. TRUE. It is so easy to notice flaws, or negative things about someone. Find the gold, find the reason that makes them the great person they are. Whether they spend their weekends volunteering, or simply love watching the same shows you do. There's something amazing in each individual; even if you feel like it's hard to see. Dig deeper, they have some greatness in them hiding somewhere! Be the gold and spread kind love! 

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As I mentioned earlier, there are rewards. You will become a bright, happy and more likable person by being a kind one. Sparkly people are happier, always. 

Thanks for reading and I hope this inspire those that read to be better people. One at a time, we can make this world more gold ~ aka a better place to live. Leave your comments below & don't forget to subscribe! See ya soon!