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Cold Shoulder

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Cold Shoulder

Welcome To That's So Gold 

Hey babes! Welcome back! Todays look is super simple, yet still fab. I am obsessing over cold-shoulder tops and sweaters lately! Today along with this post, I decided to speak to my girls that have dropped/ quit something they thought they'd enjoy. In my case, this is why I dropped my sorority and how it affected me. Keep reading!

So, after countless comments swearing I'd never become a "sorority girl" I did, and then I wasn't. It was so short-lived and I am here to tell you that it is perfectly okay to put yourself first sometimes! Being a part of a sorority seemed amazing. Cute t-shirts, a hundred of new girlfriends that would love me, and movie nights! No. Absolutely no. That's just the outer appearance. It was cool until I was initiated, and then I was entered into this dark, dark world. The confidence I had beforehand, disappeared. The hundreds of "sisters" I thought I would gain were non-existent. So why did I stay so long in something I didn't enjoy? Because I was holding on to the positives. The 2-3 real girlfriends I bonded with, the good memories, and well the cute t-shirts. After a while, all the negativity sunk in and I was in a funk for a good 7 months. I realized that something had to be done about it, and after 7 months I finally decided to take a leap and just do it. Here's why it was the best decision I ever made.

1) So much free time! No more weekly, late chapter meetings, no more mandatory events, no more tabling, no more feeling pressured in to going to events. I also put my weekends towards traveling to see my boyfriend, so that's always a plus!

2) I felt like I had finally done something good for myself, and I felt myself again. No more negativity surrounding me. No more hearing constant "I hate you's" (I don't know why that phrase is such a thing?). And no more judgement! It's so nice to not feel forced to do things, and be judged for doing it a different way.

3) You find out who your friends are. No really, 2-3 people stayed in touch. I lost followers that were "sisters"; just because of the common sorority name? Interesting! But nothing but love towards them all! No hard feelings. 

4) I put all my time, money and effort to That's So Gold. Blogging is something I thoroughly enjoy and I couldn't be more excited! I have a space to throw my creativity and I couldn't be happier. 

Now, I'll leave it at that. I am not saying all sorority's are awful, or all the girls are awful; I loved them to pieces and definitely did bond with a few. It just was not for me, or my personality. If you like to party, drama, and cute t-shirts, you'll surely love it! Maybe I am just not the typical "college girl", or maybe just know what really matters in my life and won't get distracted. Who knows! I have nothing but love and respect to all that I bonded with, y'all are great!

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