Spring Vibes

Hello lovelies, welcome! It's been such a great week! I got all of my tests/ homework done, got interviews out of the way, and totally did a little shopping.. During both of my interviews, I was asked why I started my blog and I wanted to touch base with y'all because I've been asked this many times lately! I started blogging when I was 19 (I am now 22). However, my blog was kept pretty private; only a few knew about it. I started That's So Gold in January! I have been into style + beauty since I was a little girl. I've always found pleasure in keeping up with trends and sharing my style tips with others. During my college career, I found my passion for photography and design; which led me to a Digital Communication major. Blogging is helping me with my future career. It is helping me get more familiar with the blogging world as well as advertising. I love sharing my style tips and I love spreading awareness of big or smaller brands! I also love that I have a space where I can throw all of my creativity and ideas into! If you enjoy shopping and staying up-to-date with trends (and spending money, whoops), and considering blogging, you'd be great at it! Just be yourself and see where it takes you. Dang it, I am getting off track! Now onto this top, how precious is this?! I can already see me wearing it on the beautiful beach in the Bahamas this summer! Don't worry, I'll have it linked below! 

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Top /// Jeans /// Wedges /// Earrings (similar) /// Bracelet 1 2 /// Rings 1 2 /// Watch /// Clutch ///

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