Oh Baby Blue

Oh Baby Blue

Hi everyone!

I know I say all my posts are my favorite, but now this one is! I hardly ever wear blue, but it seems to be the only color I wear lately! Along with this style post, I will be listing my top 5 photography tips! Photography can be tricky, but once you get familiar with the basics, you'll basically feel like a pro! I'll list them between photos below! You can shop my look below as well!

Photography Tip #1

Shade is your bestfriend. I can't explain how much I cringe when I see people photographing at the sun's highest point of the day. Aim for sunrise, sunset times.. Or my favorite; cloudy days. You'll see a huge improvement right away! When you photograph in the sun, your subjects eyes are squinty, there's weird shadows and it's just a no-no. Don't do it!!

Photo Feb 28, 8 18 26 PM.jpg

Photography Tip #2

Stay away from trees. Especially in sunlight! Standing near or under trees creates sun spots and shadows on your face from the sun peaking through the leaves! That's never a cute look, and it's always a pain to edit. Try standing in a shady area, for example a building like these!

Photography Tip #3

Know the look your client/ subject is looking for. Be sure you know what style of photograph they want so that you can achieve their dream images! If your client is happy with what you create, then the more likely they are to refer you, as well as come back themselves! Getting to know your client is important! They may not like what you do, and that's okay! Challenge yourself!

Photography Tip #4

Don't over edit. We've all done it, and that's okay! Editing is fun! But try to take a step back and stay away from over exposure and contrast! I'm sure your subject is beautiful as is, so keep it as realistic as possible! 

Photography Tip #5

Have fun! Simple as that. The more fun you have, the better the photos will be. Trust me! Be as silly as you can. After all, life is too short to be boring!

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Thanks for reading! See you soon!