Fave Friday

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Welcome, to Fave Friday!

I am so excited Fave Fridays are back, and hope you are too! (I know Chelsea is). I just drove 4 hours to my family's ranch house and I am so excited to spend these next five days with my loved ones! I hope everyone had an amazing week! Mine was a little tough, but I am so thankful I got through it! Below, I will list this weeks top 5 faves and why I love them + where you can shop them! Nothing in this post is sponsored, just my thoughts!

1) The Glow-y Natural Look.

I am all about this lately. Shimmer on the eyes, highlight on the cheekbones, nose and shoulders. Just makes me wish I was on the beach! My favorite shadow for the lid is the shade (second row, and second fromt the right) from this Morphe palette. Wet your shadow brush, and dab the shadow and dab it on your lid. It's amazing and so shimmery. And it is on sale right now! My go-to highlight currently is by Revloution, this one in the shade Radiant Lights. It's a great product and I love it. I mentioned earlier this week that I was interested in a new highlighter, so comment below what I should try next! Another thing that I love for this glow look, is this E.L.F. primer in Radiant Glow! It helps make your foundation go on so smooth, leaving a radiant glow!

2) Neutrogena Oil-Free Acne Stress Control Scrub.

I swear by this stuff. It's that good. I struggled (still do ocassionally) with stubborn stress acne on my lower cheeks. I started using this product and it has worked wonders for me. I use it twice daily for almost two years now. It all depends on your skin, and it may not work for everyone. But it has worked so well for me, so I definitely recommend it!! You can purchase it at any drugstore. Here it is!

3) Target Shorts. 

I went to Target last night after work with my sister to find a swim suit and walked out with everything but a swimsuit. Happens. But, I found the cutest and most comfy shorts. They run a little big, so definitely don't size up! I got them in black, and a blue-jean color. I already wore the black ones today and they may be my favorite shorts already! I'll be sure to do a blog post wearing them soon!! Here they are! (I got black and denim).


4) Francesca's SwimWear.

So, we all know majority of women shop at Victoria's Secret or Target for swim, but have y'all seen Francesca's?! They're too cute! I saw them at work this week and swooned over them. I got this top with these matching bottoms. Now, the bottoms run waaaaay too small. I got a medium and they didn't even wanna go up my thighs.. Since they are crochet, they don't stretch or give much so I'll probably just return them and just use my plain black bottoms from Target! I'm sure all the other bottoms from there fit fine, just beware of the crochet bottoms! I also wanna show you this!! I got it yesterday and it's just the cutest romper!!

5) Pom Poms.

Yep, pom poms. Shoes, clothing, earrings.. You name it! I am all over it. This is a trend I am absolutely loving. I listed these sandals in my spring wishlist post, here, and I am still loving them.. Which means I need to go ahead and purchase them, right? Hahah. They're too cute! I also love this bag, and it's super affordable! I feel like it is perfect for spring. I also love this clutch. The colors go so well together! Check out these pom pom earrings. Also these too! I love the teal color. Let me know how you feel about pom poms, I hope y'all are as obsessed as me!

My mom just got here with a red velvet cake for my sisters bday tomorrow.. So, we all know what I am eating tonight!! Thanks for reading and I hope to see you again, soon!