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Today has been a crazy one (okay not really, but kinda)! My friend here in SA got in an accident this morning.. She and her pups are okay, but her poor car isn't! Sam, if you're reading this we love you and we are glad we could help and that you are okay! Spring break has been pretty stressful, but I finally got rid of something that was weighing me down and I feel 100% better. Remember, you are in control of YOUR life! Your life is completely up to you on how you live it. If something isn't quite working for you, just stop and go a different direction! It took me awhile to get the courage to do this, but it ends up working in my favor every time! If you ever need some advice, i'm just and email or DM away! I am pretty pumped about this post if you can't already tell.. I am so excited to share this amazing dress I received from Romwe. The lovely people behind Romwe reached out to me, and I am so excited to be partnering with them to show you how great they are! Oh, and how great did Clay do at these photos? Don't worry, it took a lot of me yelling at him to get the perfect ones, LOL! Photos of the product below + the link to shop it!


I am starting something new and I'm pretty excited about it. Below each blog post I will have a section "Check Her Out"! This will have an inspiring blogger (lifestyle + fashion + beauty, etc) with a link to her Instagram as well as Blog Site! How cool, right? Be sure to Check Her Out!

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Dress /// Wedges /// Clutch /// Earrings

Dress: I am obsessed. This dress is perfect for those summer days coming up. Throw on minimal make-up, some highlight, throw that hair in a bun and you're good to go! The dress has so much going on, to where you don't need to do much more and still look fabulous! The material is great, and the dress altogether is made well! AND IT'S ONLY $20! Shop it here!

Makeup: If you follow along with my Instagram stories, you know that I received my complimentary Voxbox from Influenster! I told y'all I'd try out the Lancome products, and I did: AMAZING. I think I've found my new favorite makeup brand.

Find out what products I got from this post!



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Today's Check Her Out is Hannah Meade from The Beginning of Hannah!

Hannah happens to be my beautiful cousin who also blogs! If you love thrifting and bargain shopping (who doesn't, right?) go give her a follow! You'll see her cool posts on where she gets all her deals! Plus, she has like freakin' amazing hair.. #hairgoals!

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