Navy Shift

Navy Shift

Happy Wednesday, y'all!

Wednesday's are my fave, but y'all already knew that.. Only because I say it ALL the time! Haha. Today was a good one! I am so glad this week is turning around. Monday and Tuesday were pretty stressful. But, I woke up feeling extra motivated & thankful today! So today my sister & I got groceries and picked up Aspyn (our new Border Collie pup) a kennel because she chews up absolutely everything! It doesn't bother us too much because we are around puppies quite often and we know it's just what they do when they're little. But as college students, we need to have something to put her in just for the short amount of time we are in classes! I came downstairs this morning to the trash torn & everything in it thrown around the entire downstairs and a pillow completely torn open. She's definitely going through the chewing stage. She seems to like it so far though, so hopefully it won't be too hard to kennel train her! Any tips? I'd love to hear them! 

Anyways, this dress was sent to me from She In and I am obsessed! I don't know what my deal is, everything I have been wearing lately is navy, or some shade of blue. I am just loving it for spring! Especially with pops of color, like my earrings I paired with this dress! Best part? This dress is only $14!! Major score, right? I already know I'll be wearing this a ton this spring and summer! I also slept with my hair wet last night & for once my hair actually looked decent this morning, so I'm totally rockin' this mane! Haha. Shop this dress and the rest of my look below! 


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Thanks for visiting, see y'all on Friday for Fave Friday!

Have a great week!