Let's Get Personal

Hi beauties!

Wow, it has been a long week. Am I the only one ready for Spring Break? Luckily, my new boss allowed me to have half of Spring Break off, so I am totally excited! I have been so distant lately and I apologize! After years of stomach issues, I had an endoscopy done last Friday and the doctor found 3 ulcers. He did a biopsy to check the ulcers, and they look fine! I just have to be careful with what I eat, and take it easy until they heal. I was also diagnosed with mild, chronic gastritis. There isn't much I can do, except take antacids and eat very clean! Thanks for the thoughts, and prayers. Y'all are so amazing! I also started a new job Monday. I work for Francesca's Collections as a KeyHolder/Sales Lead and it has been so fun! I spent this week adjusting and figuring out how I am going to balance my school, blog, work and maintain a social life.. LOL. Adulting is fun huh ;) Hahaha. I decided to do a quick little post with fun facts about myself! I had multiple people request this on a recent insta post, so here ya go!

(And don't worry Chelsea, Fav Friday is totally happening tomorrow!!) 

Fun Facts

1) I am a Taurus and I will be 23 in May!

2) My favorite colors are Gold, Pale Pink, Grey and White.

3) I have a ton of dogs in my family. We are a total dog loving fam.

4) My favorite animal is a giraffe. Like, obsessed. 

5) I have never had peanut butter.

6) I absolutely do not like oreos. I know, who even am I?

7) My boyfriend and I will hit 2 years together in June!

8) My bestfriend is Chelsea, and we have been besties for 18 years! She asked me to be her MOH over the weekend, and I couldn't be more excited to be by her side on one of the best days of her life!

9) My mom is my biggest inspiration. I hope to be half the woman she is when I grow up.

10) Family is the most important thing to me. I would sacrifice anything for them.

11) I suffer from anxiety daily. I am medicated and motivated ;)

12) Ears freak me out.. 

13) My worst fear is maggots and roaches.. Typing that gave me chills.. the bad kind.

14) I am actually very, very shy.

15) My major is Digital Communications.I hope to become a Creative Director!

16) I am a dog mom, to my little babe Chloe Rae (a toy yorkie).

17) I actually started a blog in 2013, it was called Clynn Talks Style.

18) Photography was introduced to me at a young age, by my Uncle Alan and became obsessed with photography as I grew older. 

19) I have astigmatism in both of my eyes, but I hardly wear my glasses. 

20) That's So Gold name came from my love of Gold. Literally.

21) I was bullied and picked on in middle school for being too skinny, bags under my eyes, and flat hair. ?? People are cruel. 

22) I never wore pants until I was in the 6th grade, because I didn't like the way they felt between my legs.. True story.

23) I still don't like wearing pants. I'd rather wear dresses, skirts..

24) My favorite thing is seeing people smile.

25) I tried out for the Houston Texans Cheerleading team 2 years in a row. 

26) I danced from 3 years old, to 16 years old. And cheered from 15-19 years old.

27) When I was little, I would always eat salads. Still do.

28) My favorite season is Spring!!

29) I used to have a pet mouse named Twinkie, and a rat named Tricksy.

30) I love to sleep, a lot.

I hope y'all enjoyed those fun facts about me! I can't wait for today to be done with. Stay tuned for Fav Friday tomorrow and some fun, spring break looks over the weekend!

Thanks for visiting, have a great day!!