Fave Friday - April

Hello beautiful people!

Finishing up this post before I head out to College Station for some Birthday festivities with Clay! My birthday is Wednesday, and I'll be 23! The past few years just keep flying by! Hopefully this next year will too, because I'll be about ready to graduate next summer! WOO!

So, fave Friday is back. But really this time, although it has changed a bit. Fave Fridays will be the last Friday of every month! That way I have time to try out different products and have an authentic review for y'all! Do you like this idea better? Let me know in the comments below!

Some Sponsored, Some Not; All my own thoughts and opinions.


Starting off with DIFF eyewear. Now, I am currently partnering with them but I am not kidding when I say these are seriously the BEST sunglasses I have ever owned. They're polarized, and super cute. The colors are just amazing, too! I wear these babies every single day! If you are interested in a pair, visit their site (here) and use code GOLD25 for 25% off! If you want to learn more about my frames and DIFF, view my blog post (here)!


Now I am all about oils. Especially hair oils that will make my hair shine! This Theorie hair serum is AMAZING! I apply it at the ends of my hair and it leave them looking silky and healthy! I got mine sent to me in my Ipsy box, but you can get it (here)!


Next up, is this marble candle from bath & body works! (INSERT HEART EYES EMOJI HERE).. I think that explains it. It smells so fresh and clean, I love this scent. Shop it, here!


Now, I was super sad after I purchased it because it doesn't start until July... But, it's the cutest and I'll definitely be using it when July comes around! It is from Target, they have so many cute ones! 


This. Lipstick. Is. The. Best.

Enough said. It's so creamy and moisturizing! Shop it, here!


I'm definitely becoming Smashbox obsessed.

This highlight palette and Primer water is amazing!

Casey Holmes and Smashbox did amazing on the highlight and the primer water is so great at keeping my skin looking flawless all day long!


Another B&BW product! I just love the smell of this body wash!! Head on over to Bath & Body Works because they're scents right now are on point! Click here to check it out!


Obviously Ipsy is on point lately. I love Luxie brushes! Both this foundation brush, and blush brush are so great! They blend product extremely well and I am just obsessed. And they're cruelty free!! Check LUXIE out here!


And last, is this cute beaded bracelet. I got these in another color a few weeks ago on sale, and then I came across them again but in this color, only for $4! SugarFix is having a lot of last month's items on sale, so go check Target!!

Thanks for stopping by! Let me know your thoughts! 

I probably won't be doing a blog post until Next Wednesday or Thursday, so be sure to keep up with my social platforms!