All Things Hair!

Wow, it has been so long since I've posted!

So much has been going on!

First, stomach ulcers are no joke. Mine have been killer and literally keep me from eating anything, which has caused me to have little energy to even tackle my daily duties! But, I did finally go see my doctor and got some medicine, and I just hope it gets me back to my energetic self again! Aside from that, I had finals and lots of packing to do because I came home for the summer!

In today's post, I'm talking about all things hair! Yep, my hair extensions and hair vitamins, I have been dying to share with y'all!

Keep reading, I may have a code for $ off!!

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Luxy Hair Extensions

I'm sure we all know by now that I am obsessed with long, luscious hair. So, I was over the moon excited when I received my pretty Luxy hair extensions! The color I am wearing is the Dirty Blonde and they match the shade of my hair perfectly! I layered mine myself so that they blended more naturally with my hair. But, if you aren't comfortable or familiar with layering your own extensions, I definitely recommend having your stylist do it for you!

My thoughts: I have worn so many different brands of extensions and these are definitely #1 in my personal opinion. The quality of the hair is phenomenal and they come in a cute, little reusable box to store them in! The box also has all of the directions on how to carefully care for your hair. I give these a 10/10! I would recommend Luxy hair to everyone!!

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Bali Secret Hair Vitamins

I have been so excited to share this with y'all! Bali Secret send over these hair vitamins and they're so easy to use! Instead of taking a vitamin by mouth daily, you just pop open the capsule and you rub the liquid onto your towel dry/damp hair! That's all! It's as easy as that. This Indonesian hair oil is enriched with vitamins A, C, E, and proVit B5! I feel that it has made my hair SO soft and it shines like no other! I love applying this to the ends of my hair. I also give this product a 10/10!

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