Nassau, Bahamas - My Engagement!


I know, I know. But, it's been a crazy busy month! I just got back from an amazing vacation in the Bahamas a few days ago and.. I'M ENGAGED, Y'ALL! Holy cow I can't believe it! Tomorrow (June 11) is Clay and I's 2 year anniversary and I just feel so loved and so blessed. He proposed on June 3rd and I am just over the moon excited! We definitely feel so loved and are so thankful for all of the sweet comments congratulating us! This post is all about the trip and I've included details on my engagement! I'll be sharing what I wore each day, what we did & all that! So keep reading, this is a long one!

June 2 (Day One)

Alright, so we were picked up at 5:30am by our driver and headed to the airport. Our flight left around 9:10 and the flight was so smooth! Once we got there, we were picked up by the nicest Bahamian lady EVER! It was labor day there when we arrived, and downtown was closed, so she took us through the back roads and gave us a little history of the island! We stopped by the local grocery store for some groceries and that is when I realized that I could never live there... If you have never been to the Bahamas, EVERYTHING is crazy expensive. Just a bag of frozen chicken wings was $35! I asked our driver if their minimum wage was high, and she told us that it starts at just $4.. Most of the locals there work on just tips!

Once we arrived to Atlantis, we checked in and spent the day checking out the resort! We stayed in the Reef tower and it was just beautiful! For dinner, we headed down to Marina Village for some delicious burgers from the Burger Shack.


What I Wore

When choosing this look, I wanted something comfortable enough for the flight and also cute enough for dinner. I got this skirt from Forever 21 for like, $3 at one of their huge sale events. The top was also purchased from Forever 21. Of course, my Tory Burch sandals were a must for this look. My necklace is from Target - Sugar Fix! Lastly, my DIFF sunnies!

Skirt /// Top /// Sandals /// Necklace /// Sunnies (get $10 off, HERE!)

June 3 - Day 2

We rented out a cabana for the day and spent the afternoon soaking up the sun! We floated along the Rapid River, rode some of the water rides and enjoyed some Pina Coladas & local beer - Bush Crack & Kalik!

What I Wore

Becca Swimwear sent over this gorg swimmy! I love the color and it's SO soft! I paired it with this cute coverup from Target, my white SugarFix earrings and DIFF sunnies!


Later that night.....

While we were getting ready for dinner, Clay had mentioned that he wanted to go downstairs and take photos on the beach to send to his family. So, we headed down there (me, Clay and Cait) and were just taking photos on the beach. When Clay was like "hey, what's in the water over there?" .. I turned and looked (really confused like looking for a shark or something) when I turned around, to him down on one knee with the sweetest green eyes that I fall more in love with every day!! Now, I was totally NOT expecting this! Him, as well as my family had been hinting at me for months that he wasn't gonna do it, he had said it wouldn't be for another few years.. Well, they got me!! I was in complete shock! I'd upload the video but I am so embarrassed because I just walked backwards almost tripping over my feet, with my hands over my mouth trying not to cry. He always plays jokes on me (he's the funniest person I've ever known), so the first thing I said was "Clay, wait are you serious?!" It was the most beautiful moment, in the most perfect place, with the most amazing person I have ever laid eyes on. It was the best moment of my life, so far. I can't believe I get to spend forever with my best friend!! After the moment, my family came running down the beach congratulating us and admitting how hard it was to keep the secret from me for so long! We then celebrated with some amazing Italian food down in Marina Village! Now as far as wedding plans/ideas, we have decided that we are both graduating before we get married so the EARLIEST would be September 2018 or Spring of 2019 :) Gives me a good little over a year to get into shape and plan!

I'm so glad I wore this dress because it's one of my favorites! It is from the Hidden Trunk!

Use my code thatssogold at checkout for 25% off!!

June 4 - Day 3


This was another day of swimming and a little bit at the beach! Very relaxing day! We came at the most PERFECT time because it was not crowded at all! We got to enjoy ourselves peacefully without any crowds :) Woo!!


What I Wore

Swimsuit from Beccas Swimwear! One of my favorite colors! My coverup was from Forever 21!

Swimsuit /// Coverup /// Sunnies

I don't know why, but I didn't get a photo of my dinner outfit that night! Whoops!

But, it was the blue and white dress from Target that I posted on my insta story!

June 5 - Day 4


This was a pretty cool day! We took a water taxi to town and visited Queen's Staircase! This is a historical place in Nassau. We had a Bahamian gentleman serenade us and called Clay the Bahama Papa!! Haha. After this, we toured the area and did some souvenir shopping before heading back to the resort! We then headed to dinner again in Marina Village!

What I Wore

This romper is the cutest and so comfy! It is from the Hidden Trunk (as well as the dress in the last photo above)! I love the floral patterns on it, perfect for summer! I paired it with my MK crossbody, Jack Rogers flip flops, Jord watch, SugarFix necklace and DIFF sunnies!

Romper /// Crossbody /// Watch /// Necklace

Use code thatssogold at checkout for the romper for 25% off!

June 6 - Day 5

This was our last full day here, so we took advantage of the beautiful beach and got some serious sun! We couldn't go back without a sunburn, and we made sure of it! LOL

After the beach, we took family photos on the beach and then headed down to Margaritaville for some margs and good food!

What I Wore

Wow, my skin blended in well with this wall! Haha. Fell in love with this simple white dress from Francesca's!! Paired it with my MK crossbody, and same SugarFix necklace!

Swimsuit /// Dress /// Necklace /// Crossbody /// Hair Extensions

June 7 - Day 6

Last half day! Headed down to the beach super early to enjoy the Bahamian sun one last time! This was another favorite swimsuit of mine! It's from SAHA swim! Super comfy and the print is just gorgeous! We did that and then headed to the airport to head back to Texas, boo!

What I Wore

Swimsuit /// Dress

For this swimsuit, use code THATSSOSAHA for 10% off! (only this one piece though)

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