Skin Care ft Jane Scrivner!

Happy Wednesday, babes!

Finally getting this post up, but I wanted to try these products out so that I could give y'all an honest review! My posting schedule has been all sorts of wack, and I apologize! Between vacation, getting engaged (and still sitting here dreaming about it) and not being home; I am just all over the place! But I promise I'll get it together :)

Today's post is beauty related and I am so excited to share! I received these products from Jane Scrivner and it came at the most perfect time because my skin was definitely struggling..

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My Skin..

I have combination skin (oily in the t-zone, dry everywhere else), so finding products that help both can be tricky! I also had stubborn adult cystic acne on my cheeks. If you have it, you know the scars it leaves are just ridiculous. So, I was of course looking for a product that would reduce the redness of the scars on my cheeks.

Jane Scrivner is known for "Results Driven Skin Nutrition" and my first thought when I opened the box was "well, these bottles are gorgeous, but will it work for me?" I have tried numerous products in the past that have failed me, so I wasn't going to get my hopes up..


But, in my case I was totally satisfied! Not only did it nourish and hydrate my skin, but these products have reduced the swelling and redness of my acne scars significantly! I was so happy with it, so I'm sharing what products I used, and how often I use them. Keep reading!

First, to remove all my make up, I use the Nourishing Cleanser. This removes ALL make up, including waterproof products! It comes with a little white cloth to remove it with.


1) Soak the cloth in warm water & wring.

2) Apply a penny-size amount of cleanser onto the cloth, and begin cleaning the face in circular motions until makeup is gone.

3) Run the cloth under cool water, and gently tap the face with the cool cloth - closing your pores.

The site description states, "The balm is non stripping and nourishing, leaving your skin beautifully clean, soft and luminescent." I definitely agree!

Check it out, HERE!

Next, I apply the "OO" (Over Oil) Cream to my face. I use this directly after the previous product! This product locks in moisture, nourishes and protects the skin!


Super easy, apply a little to the fingertips and apply all over the face!

Check it out, HERE!

Next, is the Affirmative Facial Oil! If you love the glow, then girl you will LOVE this product. You will be glowing like no other. This is personally my favorite! This product claims, "Formulated to promote the growth of skin cells and tissue, mobilise and increase collagen production and enhance skin elasticity." I feel that this is what has helped my acne scarring the most!


Just apply to the fingertips and apply all over the face

Shop it, HERE!

Next, is the under eye area! This is the Expert Eye Duo #1. I have dark circles under my eyes and this has helped tons! Love this product. (I love them all) This product claims, "Formulated to give us as much help as possible in the eye area, nourishing the delicate skin, reducing dark circles, alleviating 'tired eyes' and hydrating fine lines." So true!


Just use one pump and apply under the eyes.

Get it, HERE!

Last, we have the Expert Eye Duo #2! This goes on right after the previous product. This is also an oil, leaving your under eyes glowing! This product claims, "Firming, toning and nourishing for the delicate skin around the eyes." Definitely proven to be true for me.


Same as before, one pump onto the fingers & apply under the eye!

Get it, HERE!

Voila! That is all! There are a ton of products by Jane Scrivner, but these are the ones I have tried and I will definitely be trying more! I apply these same products once a day, before bed! Comment below what skin care products have worked for you! I love trying beauty products!