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Hey, girl, hey!

So guess what? My sister drove up to College Station to visit / photograph some looks for me and I am so so excited! In all honesty, I was in a funk. I had no motivation to do anything, whatsoever. For the past week, my days have consisted of binge watching Gossip Girl and pizza.. no joke. Clay has been working a lot and I don't have my car here, so I have been cuddled up in bed all day, everyday. Sounds fun, but that isn't good for me.. If you have anxiety, you know doing that (not getting out of bed, eating cause you're bored) will ease you into depression and yeah, it's a n n o y i n g. Not that I have anything to be depressed about, I was just bored I guess!! So staying busy helps me, tons! Imagine my excitement when my sister said she was coming!

A few weeks ago, I got this top from The Hidden Trunk and thought it was PRECIOUS! I originally planned on wearing it in the Bahamas, but mother nature decided to appear and I didn't want to deal with the whole white shorts situation! Ha, TMI?! I apologize! But, I completely fell in love with this look when I put it on. So, check out the outfit deets below!

This top from the Hidden Trunk fits like a dream. The blue & white stripes are the perfect color combo this summer! I didn't think I would love the poof-y sleeves, but I loved them! You can tie it in the front or back, I just thought it was cute in the front! It made this look so unique and fun. These shorts are from Old Navy, and are SO comfortable. I have never been a big Old navy fan, but these made their way into my closet! My wedges are from Target (I always wear these, y'all already know) and are extremely comfy! I've been obsessing over this necklace by SugarFix, I wear it constantly since I got it! It's adorable with everything. My crossbody is from Michael Kors, I also carry this all the time, it's the perfect size! My watch is from Welly Merck and the perfect accessory for any outfit! The white face on the golf hardware is absolutely stunning!

Everything is linked below!

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Top - Shorts - Wedges - Bag - Necklace - Watch - Hair


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Thank you so, so much for reading! I am feeling motivated and ready to kick this week's bootay! Stay tuned for more this week!