September 1, 2017


As you may have noticed, I've been a little slow on the blog - a little MIA, a little distant. It's because I am re-directing my blog a bit. I want to incorporate more life in my posts. I want to get real with y'all, but in a good way. When Chatterbox Clothing Co reached out to me, I took a look at their site and came across this balance tank. I thought to myself, "wow this is the cutest!". But then I began to think, and I came up with the idea of incorporating Balance in this post. Does that make sense?! Haha. Keep reading to see what I mean.

This post is in collaboration with Chatterbox Clothing Co, all thoughts are my own

As a full time student taking all online classes, and blogger, I catch myself at my desk 70% of the day. Life happens, due dates come quickly and life can feel like it's falling a part (I'm very dramatic). It can seem out of control at times. Creating a good balance in your own personal life is good, not only for your mind but body as well.

Here are some tips I use to keep everything.. balanced.

5 Tips On Creating a Balanced Life

1) Trust yourself, and know that everything is going to work itself out. 

Seems self-explanatory, right? But it is so easy for us (at least me) to try to work everything out on my own. It's exhausting and overwhelming, and just a bunch of unnecessary stress. Take a step back and just trust the process.

2) Set realistic goals for yourself. Use a planner.

Set some goals for yourself. What I like to do is take out my little day-to-day planner and jot down what I need to get done that day. At the very bottom of the page, I write down a goal I want to accomplish that day. Big or small, a goal is a goal and it's a step in the right direction! 

3) Don't wait for tomorrow.

I am SO guilty of this. I tell myself once I've been lazy half the day, it's too late to turn around. Well, it isn't. Start where you are. 9am, 3pm or 9pm; DO IT! You don't have to go all out, but remember that goal I told you about above? At least try to accomplish that! Small victories. 

4) A healthy diet + exercise!

Believe it or not, certain foods trigger stress and anxiety. Try to stay away from foods that make you "icky". Create healthier eating habits and you'll overall feel great - aka want to get shiz done! Working out and becoming more active goes hand in hand with your eating habits. Get those endorphins going, ladies! 

5) Rest

Finding rest, and actually resting (not on your phone) is the most important tip I am giving to y'all. It's so easy to get caught up in everything. Find time for yourself; go to yoga, set a "bed time", lay out on a hammock and read. Try to stay off social media and take time for yourself and rest your mind. 

Take your time, nothing happens over night. But your body will thank you! I hope these helped! XX

Now that we have found our balance, let's talk about where these cute tops are from!

Chatterbox Clothing Co reached out and I am so glad they did. As you can probably tell, I had a blast shooting these looks. Graphic tees are so easy to dress. They can be worn SO many different ways which makes them so fun. 

Unless you live under a rock, then you know the devastating impact Hurricane Harvey made on the Texas coast last weekend. Not only my family, but so many were affected in Houston. Seeing my entire social feeds flooded with people on roofs waiting for rescue as their houses went under water was the most heartbreaking thing. I kept calling my mom, praying that my family and friends were okay. Some of their houses aren't, but they are and that's all that matters. Chatterbox Clothing Co is donating 10% of ALL proceeds to Harvey Relief funds around Houston. They have also created limited edition Houston merchandise (hats, tees, etc) and 100% of these proceeds will be given to organizations to help Houston. I think that they are SO amazing for this. They also gave me a code to give to y'all for 10% off! Read below to get these tops + the code!

Balance tank; here!

Monogram Initial Tee; here!



Limited Edition Harvey Relief

Thanks so much for stopping by, see you in my next post!