March - What's been up

March - What's been up


Wow, okay it has been awhile. It took me a bit to kind of figure everything out/ how I wanted to organize things with TSG and I've finally figured it out. If you're totally confused(like I was for a few months), let me explain..

That's So Gold started as my blog. I worked my blog up to the point to where I was able to open my own online boutique (my ultimate goal- and y'all it's definitely as hard as it looks). I kind of merged the two into one account, and then I started to miss blogging.. 


I now have two Instagram accounts:


 blogging account where I will post my daily looks, blog a little, share lifestyle posts, and work with brands that I love.


 strictly Shop TSG boutique related posts, posting new arrivals and promotions! 


I hope that clears it up a little/ explains the difference between the two! 

Alright, now to what has been up the past few months. Clay and I decided to move to Florida and it has been a dream. Don't get me wrong, I was home sick for about two weeks.. But when I'm missing home, I take a trip down the beach to relax a little and I am back on track! The pups absolutely love it here and so do we! It's absolutely beautiful. I feel that my creativity is just flowing out of me here. I get so much inspiration walking along all the palms and beaches. The past few months have been filled with unpacking, visiting and exploring our new home (for now). Who knows where we will go next! It's kind of cool getting to explore different places together and talk about where we want to settle down. But I think traveling will be at the top of our list for the next year or two! How fun, right?!


Okay, so since this post is basically all over the place.. I am going to talk a little about my online shop! I started Shop That's So Gold in October 2017 and it has been so much fun, a little stressful and everything in-between. If you didn't know, I do everything myself. I started the business, I photograph all the images, I update inventory, I update the site consistently, I design the site myself, I order the clothing, I steam everything before shipping, I handle all the boxing up and shipping.. That is a TON of work for one person, but I wouldn't have it any other way! It's been a dream and I obviously hope it grows and continues. Shop That's So Gold has it's own Instagram & Facebook page (listed above as well), you can follow me on Instagram (here) & Facebook (here)!

If you are reading this, lucky you!

Here is a code for $10 OFF at - Just use code LUCKY10 at checkout!


Be patient with me, as I am working this blog on a completely different platform that is much different than my previous one. So this images may appear a little blurry/ out of order. I will figure it out before my next post! I am wanting to do a post over our new apartment, cool places in JAX and much more! You can always dm or comment on my instagram what you'd like to see! I am super excited for this and hope you are too!

Thanks for reading, see you soon!


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