This blog post is in collaboration with Jeulia Jewelry


Hi, What's up, Hello

Happy Monday, you beautiful human. It's such a rainy day here in Jax! Y'all - we have gotten SO much accomplished with our wedding planning last week! We got Clay's tux ordered, ordered our invites, booked our photographer, registered for the wedding and found our bands!! I have loved the planning process so far. I think I'm shocking everyone with how calm I've been about it all. I am complete opposite of the bridezilla everyone assumed I'd be.. 


Anyways! I decided to open up this cute little detox tea that I picked up from the grocery store the other day and it has the cutest little sayings on them! Today's is "Let us be kind and compassionate to remove the sadness of the world". I thought it was so cute and definitely some nice Monday inspiration. If you're seeing this, ya know.. be kind to someone today. Let's all make someone smile today! 

Jeulia Jewelry sent me these GORGEOUS rings and I fell in love. I haven't ever had a ring with a champagne colored stone, it's definitely different! These rings are perfect for when you go places that you don't feel 100% bringing your real engagement/wedding ring to! You don't even have to be engaged or married to wear these rings. Wear them anyway you want, they're so versatile! The stack I am wearing is this one, and it's currently on sale for $146.. Yes, for both! Such a great deal for two gorgeous rings. Pair them seperately or together!  

Also, the quality of these rings is amazing. They're so sparkly and hold up great! I get my wedding band next month, so when I get my ring sent in to be fitted with the band, I know I am going to be wearing this ring combo in it's place!! 

Have a lovely Monday