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Hello you beautiful soul, if you're new herewelcome! 

This was such a fun little weekend! Clay and I took a trip down to the beach yesterday and holy cow, I am SO BURNT! We were at the beach for 4 hours and my skin definitely feels it. I am soaking in aloe vera as I am typing this! Any tips on sunburn relief? DM me, email me or comment below! I'll try anything at this point - my skin is on FIRE! Other than the burning sensation of my poor skin, it was overall a good time! Clay works so much during the weekdays, so we cherish our weekend time together more than anything! PS- our wedding is in 111 days, so exciting! 


Check out these gorgeous brushes I was sent by My Makeup Brush Set! I am going to be completely honest here, I am always hesitant about new makeup brushes.. Sometimes they're just so stiff, they fall apart or they just suck.. I decided to give these a try and y'all, I was SO impressed by the quality of these! Not only are they gorgeous, but they applied my makeup SO well. They blended it out great and left a soft airbrushed finish to my skin. Y'all know I love my Artis brush.. but they're so expensive. These are SO much cheaper and the quality is JUST AS GOOD! I know right? Crazy! 

As you can tell, I am in love with this set! I used it on this makeup look and love the finish of my makeup thanks to these brushes! I can't seem to find my exact brush set on their site, but they have all sorts of colors, types and sizes! See for yourself; here!

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