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Hi gals!

WOW! I have been in a funk lately (don't we all get a little off sometimes?)! Monday night I got food poisoning and it took me until today (Friday) to get out of the house! Thank goodness, I was getting sick of staying inside. I threw on some Gossip Girl this morning and what better way to get out of your funk than watching Blair Waldorf kill it at everything she does? I don't know about you, but something about Queen B makes all my confidence come back! Haha.


Now to what this post is really about..



I have been wearing this pretty little thing around my neck lately & I can't seem to go a day without wearing it! My Capsul necklace says "Thompson", which is my future last name! I absolutely love when people ask me what it says because it's so special to me. Capsul has SO many options, to make each piece unique and special to you! They have the custom handwritten necklace like mine, the sound wave necklace (which is so neat! You can record someones voice and they have the sound wave of that on your necklace), engraving, Roman numerals, and block letters! The possibilities are endless and they are all so kind in making sure your piece is exactly what you're wanting! 

Check them out here.


Soem photos of me in my Capsul necklace!


Thanks so much for reading! I hope you find a necklace special to you through Capsul! 

Have a great & safe weekend!! I am about to snuggle up on the couch with my future husband and binge watch some Netflix (with a bottle of wine of course). XX