Welcome to an exclusive look at our royal wedding.. hehe, only kidding (kinda). I’ve gotten many, many questions about the wedding.. Vendors, decor, planning, style.. and here it all is. So grab a snack, pour yourself a glass of wine and get ready because this is gonna be a long one.

In this blog post I include almost every detail you can imagine, but if you still have questions - don’t hesitate to email me!


I am going to start with our ceremony. I had always dreamt of my wedding being outdoors. It was actually supposed to be outdoors up until about 2 weeks before the wedding when we decided to move it indoors. We decided this because we wanted our guests to be comfortable. (and us too because it was too dang hot for a wedding gown outside)! I am SO happy we went with it indoors. This caused a little more stress on me because I had to create a whole new design on what I wanted it to look like! I talked with my florist, went over some ideas, and we came up with the most beautiful design!


Dreamy, airy, elegant and romantic were my main vision. We decided on gold chairs, and white linens to keep it fresh, clean and elegant. Our wedding color scheme was mauve, burgundy, gold and a touch of dusty blue. I came up with this duo by going to the store, picking out paint samples and putting them all next to each other until I found a scheme that I wanted! We chose a variety of tall and short floral arrangements as well as mini candles on all of the reception tables and I love the way it turned out! It also helped that our venue was absolutely gorgeous on it’s own! I chose Chateau Cocomar because I wanted something elegant and royal. I knew I didn't want a barn or rustic wedding because that has never been my style. We found Chateau Cocomar and with their white walls and gold accents, I knew it was the one! Thank you Gallery Flowers for all of the amazing work you did!


When choosing the boutonnieres, I also wanted to keep these simple and I knew our main colors were mauve and burgundy - so we went with these (I also told her I wanted tons of greenery added in everything)! I love the way they turned out.


When deciding on my bouquet, I knew I wanted a cascading bouquet with lots of greenery. I love the way it turned out! The ratio between all of the colors was a perfect combo! I told my florist to make my bridesmaids the same, just smaller versions of mine! I also hated the long ribbon trim up until about two weeks before the wedding and last minute loved the look after all. Funny how your mind changes so much! Haha. I wasn't picky on the types of flowers either. I just let our florist do their thing because I trusted their taste!


Picking out the goodies for my bridesmaids was so much fun! I of course wanted them to feel glamorous and special as well. I got them these really cute tote bags with their names on them from Etsy, here. Originally I had gotten them all robes at the engagement party last year but I ended up hating them because they didn’t look like what I had ordered! I went with these robes instead and I am so happy with them! They were so cozy and soft. Here they are, I got them in the color Dusty Rose! I also included these slippers, earrings and candles thanks to Brooklyn Candle Studio. They also gave me a 15% off code for y’all if you want to gift your girls these cute gold candles! Just use code thatssogold


Our makeup was done by the one & only, Baileigh Wisocki! Baileigh also colors my hair & I am so thankful for her time & work on myself and my girls. When choosing my makeup, I told her I wanted it a little dark but keeping it elegant and natural. For my bridesmaids, I did the same just lighter/less dramatic versions! She killed it, love you Bails! Hair was done by Ashley, I’ll link her here!! She did so wonderful and did exactly what I wanted! I had my girls’ hair resembling mine almost the same because I love the clean look of it. The only difference was they had a single braid and I had two! Thank you so much to Bails & Ashley!!


We had all of the guys in navy suits and I lovedddd the way they all looked! I wanted them all in the same suits and shoes, the only difference was the ties! Clay had a burgundy tie and his groomsmen had mauve ties. They looked so nice!


Choosing my dress was obviously one of the most exciting part of the wedding planning process. I went into Winnie Couture in Houston with the idea of a long, beaded, off the shoulder, lace mermaid gown. Talk about total opposite of what I picked! I tried all kinds of styles on. Believe it or not, the style dress I had dreamt of wearing looked AWFUL on my body type!! People always say you go with something different than you think, and it was totally true! This was the third dress I tried on and as soon as I stepped out, my family gasped and I knew that was a pretty good sign. I think I tried on two after than and told my stylist that nothing would live up to the way I felt in that beautiful third gown. So, I slipped it back on, put the veil on and literally had so many butterflies! Speaking of veils, I always told myself I’d never wear a veil.. then I changed my mind once I put it on. My dress was a sweetheart ballgown with the most beautiful beading + lace detail near the bust, and had the biggest ruffles all along the bottom. I loved it more than anything! It was so fun and I twirled all night long in it. I mean.. I wanted a royal-ish wedding, so it was like the perfect gown - I definitely felt like a princess and was in a fairytale land all night long.


Accessories are always my favorite thing. When choosing my shoes - I wanted something glittery and elegant to match the dress. My amazing mom (hi mom) gifted me these amazing Jimmy Choo’s and they are the most beautiful (and comfortable) shoes I’ve ever worn. My earrings and bracelet were part of the wedding collection from Kendra Scott, and I loved them as well! The earrings had just enough sparkle, not overpowering the dress. My mom also got the cutest six pence lucky charm made with Clay and I’s name & wedding date, and I wore one of my grandma’s charms on my bouquet. My aunt gifted me the prettiest something blue charm and I also attached that to my bouquet (Thanks aunt Terri!) Clay kept his accessories simple and masculine, all a man needs!


I loved picking out my bridesmaids’ dresses! I love the classic and elegant look of matching dresses. The only one that had a slightly different dress was my maid of honor! Hers was the teeniest bit different which was okay for me because at first glance it looks the same! We got these beautiful dresses from David’s Bridal and I loved the way they turned out. It was so important for me to listen to what they wanted and I made sure they were all comfortable wearing them. They loved them & so we went with this style! The color was called Quartz!


First of all, I cannot say enough about our cakes and sweets! Wink by Erica is phenomenal and I am so thankful we chose her for our big day! Her cakes are so tasty and beautiful! Absolutely in love still with how it all turned out. Look how cute Clay’s grooms cake is!!


We went with Cordua Catering for our reception food and one word: AMAZING! Everything was absolutely delicious and filling. Pictured is the cocktail hour appetizers: coconut shrimp!


Believe it or not, we did make a few things. How could I have a wedding without my mom, sisters & I getting a little crafty right? The first and hardest thing we made was our seating chart mirror. We actually got the mirror at Home goods for like $60 and spray painted it a pretty sparkly gold! We then printed in vinyl every single name and made the seating chart. It was hard & extremely time consuming but we were so so proud of it!! Next thing we made was our Welcome & Unplugged sign. We got the large canvases from Michaels and again, printed the letters in vinyl! We had our florist make small arrangements to place on them to give a lifted, elegant look! We also made the guest book sign in sign, sparkler sign & table numbers with canvases and vinyl as well! We got our guest book printed with our engagement photos for guests to sign from Free Prints photo books. All we had to do was pay for shipping! I loved this idea because its not just a book of names, it has all of our engagement photos in it as well!


And a huge thank you to Debra Fulleylove for our amazing engagement, bridals and wedding photos. Thanks to her, we have all of these photos to remember the most magical day forever! Every single photo means so much to us and we are so thankful to have them. There’s so many more, but I didn't wanna make this too long! Haha.

Check out Fulleylove Photography here

A huge thank you to my parents for giving us our dream wedding and all the sleepless nights preparing everything! I am so thankful for y’all. Thank you to my wonderful mother & father in law for being the best in-laws I could ever dream of having! And for blessing me with the most amazing husband. I love y’all!!

I had a few questions asked through Instagram, so I thought I’d include them here!

Q: Did anything go wrong?

A: Yes! I think every wedding has at least one thing go wrong. Ours was with our venue, actually. It was a few things that happened with them that were very unprofessional but I’m just going to give you the quick version! Our all day venue rental included a honeymoon suite for clay and I the night of the wedding. Sounds cool right? A whole castle to ourselves! Mid reception, we found out that apparently the ac went out upstairs and they were telling us we needed to find somewhere else to stay the night.. Um? So anyways, after arguing and them fixing it - we got to stay there but it sucked being taken away from our guests countless times throughout the night to talk about the issue and running upstairs to see if it was “okay” for us to handle. We also had an issue with the coordinator screaming at my dad, not letting him drink a beer (he paid for) after the bar closed. But that’s a story for another day :-)

Q: What would you do differently?

A: There isn’t much I would do differently except to sit and actually enjoy our food and desserts.. We had maybe ONE bite out of our food and we didn’t get any of our cake or desserts :(

Q: Was your hubby over all the wedding planning stuff? Looks like you guys planned alottttt.

A: He actually let me take the reigns and let me and my mom do it all! He was so relaxed and said he trusted my vision and wanted it to be my dream wedding. He did help here & there with music choices, his suit and color scheme! We did plan a lot, but luckily we were engaged for a year so we had an entire year to plan it all!

Q: Where was your dress from?

A: Winnie Couture in Houston!

Q: How long did it take you to find your bridesmaids dresses?

A: Not long at all! After finding my dress, I took them to Davids Bridal and they only tried on like 5 - I just made sure to choose what they were all comfortable in!

Q: How many people were there and who came from the furthest place?

A: I love this question! We had about 150 people and the person that came from the furthest place was probably Clay’s aunt from the Tampa, Fl area!

Q: Were you nervous?

A: I was the calmest bride (everyone was confused) up until I was walking down the isle.. But that is only because I get so uncomfortable in crowds and when people stare at me. I have horrible social anxiety so as soon as I turned the corner and saw everyone, I wanted to hide! Luckily, I married an amazing man and as soon as I met him up there he was whispering to me, “it’s okay, breathe” and then it was all okay. It felt like it was just him & I up there!

Thank you to all of the following people, without all of y’all this day wouldn’t have been as wonderful as it was!

Wedding Planner, Ruby

Photographer, Fulleylove Photography

Florists, Gallery Flowers

Venue, Chateau Cocomar

Cake and Desserts, Wink by Erica

Bridesmaids & Groomsmen

Our parents

and our amazing guests that came to celebrate!


Thank you so much for reading. Hope you enjoyed it!

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