Hi! I’m so excited you’re here reading this. I have mentioned this this blog post for quite sometime now, and look.. I am finally here writing it. Home decor is something so special to me. I’ve always had a niche for it. There’s just something about it that gives me happy vibes. One of my favorite things about home decor, is that everyone’s is different and unique to them. It’s a great way to express your style - it’s just so fun.

I will be posting pictures below of everything in my living room with links to everything! That being said, I do have a lot of thrifted items so for those I will link similar items that I have found.


First I want to start off by saying, decorating your space is a lot easier when you know the style you want. Start by thinking of 3 words that describe the style you want to achieve.

My home decor style in three words:

Modern, Farmhouse, Garden

I chose modern because I love structure, and simplicity in furniture and decor. Farmhouse because I am drawn to basket style things, and garden because I am flower and plant obsessed! Think of things you love, and incorporate them into your decor style!

Coming up with those three words will help a TON when you’re out shopping around. When you pick up an item you like, think of those three words and if it will achieve the look you are going for. If not, move on!

When we moved into this apartment, I was so in love with the white walls and grey wood floors. This made everything already bright, airy, and right up my alley.



We chose this couch last January when we first moved to Florida from Texas. I loved that it had a modern, low style to it. What I didn't know, was that it would catch every single one of Kai’s hairs. Just keep that in mind when buying this couch if you have dogs! Other than that, it’s pretty and very cozy. It’s like a denim-ish, grey color. We purchased this couch from IKEA with the ottoman. I’ll link it, here!



If you follow along on my Instagram stories, then you’ll remember me asking which rug we should get! We ended up going with this one and it brightened up the space so so much! Our old rug was way too small, so this one is extra big and I love it! I love the shaggy farmhouse vibe to it. It’s soft, but keep in mind it’s kind of thin! If you’re looking for a really soft rug - this probably isn’t the best option. It has a canvas feel to it. We got it from RUGS USA and they’re always having a sale going on! We got ours 50% off. I’ll link the rug, here!

Our giant mirror on the left side of the photo is from Ikea, here it is!



Alright y’all, I love our coffee table! We got this last year with the couch and we love it. I am really drawn to the modern, structure to it. We got it in the color white and it is perfect! I always have decorating it because everything looks so good on it. It’s also two pieces, so you can switch the sides and all that. This coffee table was really inexpensive compared to other coffee tables, which was nice. I am not seeing this white one online from Ikea, but they do have it in black - I’ll link it, here!

I’ll go ahead and link all of the decor on our coffee table below!

Shop the wood tray, here!

I got my vase from Target and it isn’t coming up. Here's another flower vase, here!

Here is another cute option for the flower vase, here!

Shop the Emerald Amazon Soy Candle, here!

Shop a similar mini succulent, here!

The woven basket was thrifted, and I couldn’t find one similar but my tip is to go to your nearest Goodwill. They are the best at always having so many cute baskets for really cheap!

I got my little plant pot (technically a tea light holder) from Target, but it isn’t online! Shop another cute planter option, here!

I got my air plant from Target, but isn’t showing up online. Shop a similar air plant, here!

The marble coasters were a HomeGoods find, years ago. Shop a similar set, here!

The mosaic “T” spinner was made for us as a wedding gift! How cool, right? Love it!


All of our blanket and toy baskets are from Target!

Shop this one, this one, this one, or this one!

Now for my favorite part: the shelving unit! We got this thing from Ikea and it has been one of my favorite furniture pieces. It’s also ONLY $49 which is so good for a piece like this. Shop it, here. I love decorating it with memories and plants! On the top shelf I have a printed vase that I got from target! Shop a similar one, here. I also placed a cute little bottle (jar?) thing next to it that I have had forever. I don’t have a link for that one, but these would really cool, here.

The next shelf has a cute marble diffuser, here is one almost identical! Next to it I have a glittery “T” from Hobby Lobby that we used at the wedding, a seashell we picked up together in Jacksonville, and a succulent I got from Walmart!

Third shelf I have a succulent I got a few months ago from Publix, some oils from my friend Morgan (I’ll link her info, here, in case you need some oils!) and a gold jar I thrifted from Goodwill! Shop a cool jar, here.

Next shelf we have a gold “C” that I bought a long time ago. Since both of our names start with a “C” I just kept it. I also have some random fashion books I picked up from Goodwill last year and a succulent also from Walmart!


Now for our Tv area! The Tv stand is from Rooms to Go, but not 100% sure. Here are some similar ones; here, here and here! Under the Tv, I have a cute little leaf garland I got from Target, shop it here.

To the right is a basket plant that I thrifted as well as the shelves! Shop some similar wooden shelves, here. Shop some other cool shelves, here. On top of the left shelf, I have a gold jar - shop a similar one here. I also have a frame with one of our engagement pictures in it. Shop a similar pretty gold frame, here! There’s also a small fake succulent I got from Target, and a gold giraffe that my MIL got me (because I am giraffe obsessed)! The shelf to the right has a cool tree plant that I got from Publix awhile back, another frame with an engagement photo, a candle from the dollar section at Target (recent) and our wedding book that my sister got made for us for Christmas!

Under the tv stand in those cubbies, I have a thrifted clock (shop a cool one, here), a B&BW candle, and this cool gold spike thing (don’t know what to call it but it was from Target years ago!). I also have two mason jars full of shells. Anytime Clay and I travel, we like to fill up a mason jars of something from that place! On the right side, theres a pink vase (similar one, here), a hourglass, and a little marble knick knack.


And that is my living room tour! I hope y’all enjoyed it. I love decorating and I love that so many of y’all always ask where my things are from! Be sure to leave comments or send me a DM on what you thought and if you purchased anything I mentioned!

Also - if you missed it, my instagram account moved over to @courtneylynnthompson so be sure you’re following along on my new account!

Love y’all, XX