It's Been A Minute

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September 27, 2017

Happy Wednesday!

I haven't posted in a hot minute. As many of you know, if you have kept up with me on Instagram, then you are aware that That's So Gold is transforming into an online boutique! Blogging has been SO great and has helped me meet amazing people and work with the best companies. This platform has opened so many opportunities for me, and I am so thankful. I have been wanting to open an online store of my own, it has always been my calling. I just didn't really know where to start.. After sleepless nights researching, and reading through my business class books, I can finally officially say that I am ready to dive in! I can't wait to show y'all! The official launch date as of right now is October 9th! Are y'all excited?! Because I am!

About That's So Gold boutique:

So, the new domain for the shop is www.shopthatssogold.com - It will not be open to the public until the launch date! The online shop has a comfort meets chic vibe. Comfort is my number one thing when styling myself, but I somehow always look "dressed up". The styles I am providing do just that! Think about looking chic (and like you have your life together), but also comfy.. With the fall weather approaching, it's absolutely perfect! There's lots of denim, velvet and embroidery (EEEEK). I've spent most nights up until 3am making sure I have everything you want to see in the shop, so be sure to check my Twitter page often; I do TONS of polls asking your thoughts! 

Check out my Twitter page; here

I thought my blogging days were behind me, but when Jord reached out to me again, I couldn't turn it down. Something about Jord watches makes me so warm inside. The wood detailing is such a unique touch to these watches, and I can't get enough! I absolutely love working with Jord Watches, because they are so kind and professional. When I received an email about the newest Cassia timepiece I was IN LOVE! I don't think I have ever loved a watch so much. It totally screams my name. The rose gold hardware against the wood is so beautiful and screams "fall"!


Cassia Women's Watch; Here

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Gold and Blush

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August 28, 2017


Guess who's back!

WOO HOO! I know right, finally a blog post. It's only been, like forever. If only y'all knew how insane the past few weeks have been. To top it all off, Houston is practically completely under water and so many friends and family's homes are underwater as well. So many people have lost EVERYTHING, and it breaks my heart. I have never seen something like this, so it's so scary. My sister and I are at school in San Antonio, so we aren't experiencing it completely, but we are sending prayers to everyone back home. I do want to say that if you are reading this, and you can in any way donate to those that were affected (so many); please do so! I PROMISE it would mean the world. 

This post is in collaboration with Fifth & Ninth, all thoughts are my own


Today's post is the perfect little due. Fifth & Ninth sent over the cutest beauty bank (HELLO, it's gold!) and phone case. I am obsessing, y'all have no idea. This is the easiest thing to carry around, and we all could use a back up charger on the go, right? Guess what, it's a compact mirror, too!


I was so excited when Fifth & Ninth reached out to me, because I had seen my fellow blogger babes with it and was totally in love. This compact mirror has an LED light, and charges your phone. Everything you could possibly need in one! It's so lightweight, too. Makes it super easy to travel with. There's also a ton of colors to choose from!


They also sent over this Ted Baker phone case! It's the prettiest blush shade with rose gold along the edge. I love that it has the flap on the front to keep the screen protected, and it has a mirror on the inside too! I haven't taken it off my phone since I got it, I love it!


Check out the beauty bank; here!

Check out the Ted Baker phone case; here!

Thanks so much for stopping by, see you in my next post!


The Wedding Planner

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August 9, 2017

Happy #weddingwednesday, y'all!

Look who is actually keeping her word on wedding Wednesday, yep that's right! Haha. This week's post is all about the wedding planner! Not an actual human wedding planner (although I am in search of one), but the perfect wedding planning book! 

If you are newly engaged, you may be in search of a good planner to keep organized through this stressful, yet amazing time! My amazing mom surprised me with this wedding planner and I am drooling all over it. It's honestly the cutest and has SO much inside! 


When you open this planner, this is the first page you will open up to. The little bridal sketches make my heart so giddy! As you can see along the right side there are tabs to ensure everything is neat and organized - a huge must for wedding planning. 

The next page is this cute little intro! The Future Mrs. (insert name) and then a place for your big day! Speaking of the big day, Clay and I decided on our "unofficial" wedding day date. Of course we will have to wait until we see venues to be sure that date is available. I will keep y'all updated!

Now that we have established organization as the biggest must-have, next up is the budget. Budgeting is a huge beginning step in the wedding planning process. Whether you are paying for your wedding yourself, or with your parents' help, sit down and create a budget! This section here has everything you need to get a good idea of your budget! 

This next little section here is your style and inspiration! I get most of my inspiration from Pinterest (who doesn't, right?) I have had my wedding color scheme chosen for quite a while now, so I know exactly what I want style wise!

This right here is your ceremony & reception details! 


Last is your honeymoon details! Jot down your ideas to ensure your honeymoon is one you won't forget!

Quickly going to talk about this magazine right here: Weddings in Houston. If you are in the Houston area, you need this magazine! There are so many great recommendations from wedding planners + style and so so much more. You definitely need this!

Nothing in this post is sponsored, or affiliated. This wedding planner was purchased from Walmart for $50 and the magazine was found at Kroger!


Thanks so much for reading, see you in my next post!

Home Decor: Under $50!

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August 4, 2017

Welcome. golden babes!

If you know me, you know that you'll always find me in the sale sections - especially if it is home decor. Nothing gets me more excited than cute little knick knacks for the house! I think I drive everyone crazy with always wanting new things for my apartment, but I can't help it! I mean, happy home happy life, am I right!? I feel that if your satisfied with you home, you're overall in a better mood. With that being said, the trendy & cutest items can cost a fortune.. But don't settle, I've got you covered with the cutest decor for your home for under $50! 

Home Decor Under $50!

Thanks so much for reading!

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Bridesmaid Proposals!

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Welcome to Wedding Wednesdays!

All things wedding related, every Wednesday!

I am really ecstatic about this particular post because it's my first "lifestyle" blog post, woo hoo! I have been wanting to step out and do more lifestyle posts, that way I can get more personal with y'all (and so that you get to know the real me a little better).

 I decided to start this post with how darn complicated it can be deciding what to get your bridesmaids - without spending a fortune.

 I wanted something chic and elegant but fun as well. I am all about gold and blush and plant greenery! My engagement party was a garden-y theme, so I wanted to incorporate the leafy greens into the boxes as well. The picture above is just a few things that were in the box. I am an idiot and forgot to take final photos of the finished boxes.. Yes, I am pissed at myself. I was so proud of these boxes!

The Boxes

 I got the cute circular cardboard boxes at Hobby Lobby! They were 40% off when I got them, so it wasn't a fortune to get! They don't have the single ones online, but these are them! I got 6, one for each girl. 

The tissue paper and gold foil things: Target! The tissue paper came in a pack of the cream and blush color for like $2 and the gold foil (idk what they are called) but they were clearance in the party section! I got a few packs of the cream and pink color tissue paper, and added those to the bottom of the box. I then added those gold little string things (I really wish I knew what they were called) on top of the tissue! Just for more gold. 

Wooden Letters 

I got these little wooden letters from Target. It says $1 online, but I got them clearance for .50 cents when I went! I got all of their first initials and painted them white with some white acrylic paint. I hung these on the outsides of their boxes with some pink tulle and a green leaf from Hobby Lobby!

Will You.. cards

I looked everywhere for a printable so that I wouldn't have to by the cards, but no luck. I found these and I am so glad I ordered them! They are white cards with gold foil writing and they are so pretty! I ordered these from 42 North Designs on Etsy. Here they are!

Champagne Labels

I got the cutest mini champagne labels from Label with Love! I ordered 6, but since 2 of my bridesmaids are underage - I got 2 mini Starbucks expressos from Target and put the labels on those bottles, too! It turned out super cute and my bridesmaids got a kick out of it! Here they are.

Gold Foil Bag

I was absolutely in love with these. I'm now wishing I would have ordered one for myself as well! I got these with their names on it to make it more personal for them and they loved it! I ordered these from Made With Love by V on Etsy! Here they are.

Gold Knot bracelet 

I think my bridesmaids loved this the most out of everything! I saw these on Etsy and knew I had to get them! You know, to help "tie the knot"! I ordered me one as well so we can all match! I love the gold (I mean, duh!) I got these from Majesty Wear on Etsy. Here they are!

Bridesmaid Sticker

I got these stickers but in gold and put them on some champagne flutes that I got from Target, I'll put those below this. But, I loved these as well! They looked adorable on the glasses with the mini champagne bottles that I had gotten for them! Here they are. They are from My Vinyl Touch on Etsy!

Champagne Flutes 

As mentioned above, I got these champagne flutes to add those bridesmaids stickers too! They were the perfect size! These are from Target. 


I got them all the same candle - it wasn't this exact scent though. It was by this brand, Signature Soy & was the same design! I want to say it was sea salt scent, but not 100% sure! You can get these candles, here. I also got the cute little palm print sticky notes from Target as well! 


Trinket Tray

 They are on sale for $2.99 right now! This is it right here. I wanted to get something with their initial on it to make it a little more personal!


I got them pink robes with gold thread on the back reading "bridesmaid/matron of honor" ! These turned out adorable. I do however wish I had gotten he font larger, but they will work! They are from The Fancy Pigeon on etsy, here!

Snaps I got of my boxes!

All items mentioned in this post were purchased by me, there are no affiliate links in this post.

Thanks for reading, hope to see you soon!