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I am really ecstatic about this particular post because it's my first "lifestyle" blog post, woo hoo! I have been wanting to step out and do more lifestyle posts, that way I can get more personal with y'all (and so that you get to know the real me a little better).

 I decided to start this post with how darn complicated it can be deciding what to get your bridesmaids - without spending a fortune.

 I wanted something chic and elegant but fun as well. I am all about gold and blush and plant greenery! My engagement party was a garden-y theme, so I wanted to incorporate the leafy greens into the boxes as well. The picture above is just a few things that were in the box. I am an idiot and forgot to take final photos of the finished boxes.. Yes, I am pissed at myself. I was so proud of these boxes!

The Boxes

 I got the cute circular cardboard boxes at Hobby Lobby! They were 40% off when I got them, so it wasn't a fortune to get! They don't have the single ones online, but these are them! I got 6, one for each girl. 

The tissue paper and gold foil things: Target! The tissue paper came in a pack of the cream and blush color for like $2 and the gold foil (idk what they are called) but they were clearance in the party section! I got a few packs of the cream and pink color tissue paper, and added those to the bottom of the box. I then added those gold little string things (I really wish I knew what they were called) on top of the tissue! Just for more gold. 

Wooden Letters 

I got these little wooden letters from Target. It says $1 online, but I got them clearance for .50 cents when I went! I got all of their first initials and painted them white with some white acrylic paint. I hung these on the outsides of their boxes with some pink tulle and a green leaf from Hobby Lobby!

Will You.. cards

I looked everywhere for a printable so that I wouldn't have to by the cards, but no luck. I found these and I am so glad I ordered them! They are white cards with gold foil writing and they are so pretty! I ordered these from 42 North Designs on Etsy. Here they are!

Champagne Labels

I got the cutest mini champagne labels from Label with Love! I ordered 6, but since 2 of my bridesmaids are underage - I got 2 mini Starbucks expressos from Target and put the labels on those bottles, too! It turned out super cute and my bridesmaids got a kick out of it! Here they are.

Gold Foil Bag

I was absolutely in love with these. I'm now wishing I would have ordered one for myself as well! I got these with their names on it to make it more personal for them and they loved it! I ordered these from Made With Love by V on Etsy! Here they are.

Gold Knot bracelet 

I think my bridesmaids loved this the most out of everything! I saw these on Etsy and knew I had to get them! You know, to help "tie the knot"! I ordered me one as well so we can all match! I love the gold (I mean, duh!) I got these from Majesty Wear on Etsy. Here they are!

Bridesmaid Sticker

I got these stickers but in gold and put them on some champagne flutes that I got from Target, I'll put those below this. But, I loved these as well! They looked adorable on the glasses with the mini champagne bottles that I had gotten for them! Here they are. They are from My Vinyl Touch on Etsy!

Champagne Flutes 

As mentioned above, I got these champagne flutes to add those bridesmaids stickers too! They were the perfect size! These are from Target. 


I got them all the same candle - it wasn't this exact scent though. It was by this brand, Signature Soy & was the same design! I want to say it was sea salt scent, but not 100% sure! You can get these candles, here. I also got the cute little palm print sticky notes from Target as well! 


Trinket Tray

 They are on sale for $2.99 right now! This is it right here. I wanted to get something with their initial on it to make it a little more personal!


I got them pink robes with gold thread on the back reading "bridesmaid/matron of honor" ! These turned out adorable. I do however wish I had gotten he font larger, but they will work! They are from The Fancy Pigeon on etsy, here!

Snaps I got of my boxes!

All items mentioned in this post were purchased by me, there are no affiliate links in this post.

Thanks for reading, hope to see you soon!